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Everything you need to know about trees and arborists 

  • What is an arborist?
    An arborist is a tree expert skilled in the care, maintenance, preservation and removal of trees. Arborists are the go-to for anything tree-related from species selection to planting advice, soil nutrients, pruning, long-term health and removal.
  • How is an arborist different to a tree lopper?
    Arborists are different to tree loppers in that we are qualified professionals schooled in the biology of trees. Certified arborists have a thorough understanding of how to best manage trees for the benefit of a tree – as much as for people, place and aesthetics. You can see the distinction in an arborist’s work through the thoughtful, holistic perspective we use for all trees. An arborist uses care, skill and artistry to shape trees for safety, sustained health and canopy cover and will avoid removing a tree when there is good reason for it to remain standing. At Nuleaf, we always follow the Australian Standard for Pruning of Amenity Trees.
  • Why hire an arborist?
    Arborists are tree care specialists. We know the A to Z of trees and are highly trained with the correct equipment to provide the right care for each kind of tree. Tree care is an investment that can add immense value to your home, business or institution. It can be dangerous work that balances many factors. To sustain the lifespan of your trees and maximise the value they bring to people, the environment and community, any tree work should only be done by qualified tree professionals.
  • What is arboriculture?
    Arboriculture is the practice of managing, cultivating and studying trees in urban, residential and commercial spaces. Arboriculture encompasses: - Tree biology - Tree selection, planting and soil nutrition - Pruning new trees to encourage robust, safely-structured mature trees - Removing unhealthy or damaged limbs and complete trees - Identifying and treating diseases and pests - Nurturing historic trees and avenues of trees - Preserving and protecting trees when construction, infrastructure and development is happening nearby - Advising, assessing and managing tree risk
  • Why do we need trees?
    Trees give us life. They give us an abundance of benefits in many ways: - Socially Green spaces with trees are beautiful to be in and look at, reducing stress, fatigue, crime and building emotional connection with the people who live alongside them. - Community Trees make our shared and private spaces more enjoyable. They create privacy, reduce noise, soften glare, enhance architecture and views, which all contributes to a richer quality of life. - Environmental Better air quality, more comfortable temperature and habitats for wildlife are just some of the eco benefits trees give us. - Economic Homes that are landscaped with carefully selected trees and greenery are worth significantly more than non-landscaped properties. Homes shaded by trees have lower power bills in summer and smaller heating costs in winter with trees that provide a windbreak.
  • Should I just cut down any tree I’m worried about on my property?
    No, that’s not always the best solution. Instead, get in touch with us so we can assess the big picture and offer trusted advice that balances the safety, health and bio-diversity of your situation.
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