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The best in tree advice across the Macedon Ranges 

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Trees can be tricky. Does it need pruning? Are there dangerous limbs? Is that decay? Or does it need complete removal? As local leaders in arboriculture, we’ve got the credibility, reputation and experience to effortlessly deal with any tree concern and give you the help you need.

From root to canopy, we’ve got you covered

Macedon Ranges and Moorabool Shire locals have been seeking us out over 25 years for our tree advice from planting to pruning and preservation of heritage trees. 

Our team are accomplished professionals, who love their work and genuinely care for the trees and people we help. 

We have a balanced approach to tree management that gauges the aesthetics, biodiversity, amenity and safety of your trees. 

You might find what you need below or give us a call and chat to Craig for our expert opinion. 

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